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Independent Women’s Care in Sioux Falls provides comprehensive obstetric and obgyn services. We work with you to meet your individual health care needs. Our team specializes in women's health, so we can provide the best and most focused care possible for women in the Sioux Falls area. ​

Women's Health in Sioux Falls

Gynecologic Surgery
When medical therapy fails, we offer definitive surgeries including hysterectomy, bladder repairs and tubal ligations. Ideally, the least invasive approach is used such as outpatient laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, and endometrial ablation.



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Office Gynecologic Care    
FINALLY! An office procedure for heavy periods! Her Option cryoablation
We have a special interest in pelvic pain, infertility, abnormal bleeding, and abnormal pap smears. We provide numerous procedures in our office, including ultrasounds, LEEPs, Cryotherapy and colposcopies,.

Endometrial and skin biopsy, Hysteroscopy , Introducing Botox, Latisse and Juvaderm

Obstetric Care
In addition to routine obstetric care, we specialize in the management of high risk pregnancy complications such as hypertension, diabetes and advanced maternal age. We are experienced at providing close surveillance and risk reducing strategies essential for women who have had prior pregnancy complications such as preterm labor, preeclampsia, and placental problems.